This girl loves…feeling inspired.


A glimpse of beauty

A glimpse of beauty

Inspiration comes to me in many forms: a touching passage, a beautiful scene, a soft melody, a lingering hug, a flavorful meal, and sometimes, a great movie.

Today I saw two movies that inspired me: The Hundred-Foot Journey and Begin Again.  Each of them affected me in a different way.  The former made me hungry for not only food, but for life.  The latter made me hungry for inspiration.

Since beginning a new writing program at my school, I’ve been keenly aware of my thoughts and their potential stories.  Seeing Begin Again, I wondered why I was so affected.  What was it about this movie that moved me like a passage from one of my favorite books?  What was it about this movie that sent chills down my spin; chills like the ones I get after hearing a Broadway singer belt the lyrics to a finale?  Then I had it.

It was real.

The movie felt tangible.  It felt achievable.  It gave me hope that I might one day inspire others.

I’ve spent my life hiding in the shadows of my own life.  I’ve stood idly by as others took their place in the spotlight.  I could excuse my behavior by saying that I was shy and slightly awkward, but it would be just that, an excuse.

I’ve decided that it is time to stop hiding.

There is so much I want to share with the world.  I want to share my passions and that is why I write.  I make mistakes and I write again.  I know that it’s not about creating a masterpiece that stops the world in its tracks.  No, it’s not about that.  It’s about practice and building endurance.  It’s about writing, writing, and more writing.  Then, maybe one day I’ll be that great writer I want to be.

One day I’ll write something that does stop the world in its tracks and what will I do then?  I’ll do it again.


This girl loves…lightness of life.


Life lightening.

Life has been trying lately.  The passing of my dog still sits at the forefront of my mind most of the time, sometimes hitting me so hard that I gasp for air.  I miss him wholly and completely.  His loss is palpable.

But, there’s hope.  There’s happiness.  There is a lightening of life.

Lightness has taken many different forms.

Some lightness I’ve found in children’s books like A Snicker of Magic.  Some in light-hearted fiction like From Notting Hill to New York…Actually.  And some in seriously beautiful literature like The Hundred-Foot Journey.   In each of these stories I’ve found lightness.  In Snicker, it was Felicity’s hopefulness.  In Notting Hill, it was Scarlett’s kindness.  And in Journey, it was Hassan’s passion.  With each book read I’ve noticed little pieces of my heart being returned to me.

And it’s not just the stories illuminating the darkness.  Oh no, it’s so much more.

It’s the lightness I’ve found in tending to my plants, watching their slow growth.  It’s in the air I breathe each day as I gaze out at my grassy lawn.  It’s in the drops of dew I lift from a newly ripened strawberry.

It’s the lightness I’ve found in cooking.  With each slice and garnish I’ve lighted my way.  And with each bite, I’ve savored the flavors as they’ve filled my mouth.

It’s the lightness I’ve found in yoga.  I’ve found my center, my breath, and my soul.  I’m learning to breathe into myself.  I’m learning to listen to my body more and my mind less.

It is interesting how light, once illuminated, spreads. I know that “happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

I’m learning to turn on the light.  For, it is this lightness that fulfills me.