This girl loves…summer break.


A different point of view.

What I did on my summer vacation, a clichéd topic for back to school.  This summer was a summer of moments leading up to a change in my point of view.

The summer began gazing into the deep canyon formed by the mighty Colorado, aka The Grand Canyon.  Gazing out into the vast unknown provided the platform that would be my summer.  Emptiness filled my soul for months after suffering the loss of my beloved Bagel.  My heart felt much like that vast Canyon, empty and unexplored.

As the weeks passed, it soon began to fill.

Yoga breaths sent peace to the parts of my body aching.  Each breath taken showed my body that it was possible to heal.  With yoga and traveling I was able to restore a sense of my former self.

The waves of the churning Pacific acted as arms, reaching out and removing stresses deeply rooted in my bones.  The carefree dipping of my toes in the cold, salty sea cleansed my muscles, relieving the tension mounting for months.  The flavors of the California cuisine filled my taste buds, increasing this hunger for life I had forgotten existed.

In Utah, Shakespeare’s words floated through my mind, finally filling it with something other than pain.  The sounds of actors reciting poetry of Sondheim and Austen filled my eyes with tears of happiness instead of tears of sadness.   The sound and smell of rain washed away the old, making way for the new.   Laughter filled my lungs, purifying my spirit.

Honking horns and the hustle and bustle of the Vegas strip took to me to another place and time, where I did not exist but for that one moment.  The lights of the city blinded my eyes to the cold, hard reality of life.  Crisp sheets and soft pillows greeted my tired body, restoring peace and serenity once again.

Friends and family, with listening ears and open hearts, made the final adjustments to this new point of view.

Life is a guest house as Rumi says and one must be open to all (even that which scares us most) in order to make room for the goodness life has in store for us.  I am ready to greet that which comes into my life with a warm smile and a hot cup of tea.