This girl loves…letting go.

Problems just "drifting" away...

Problems just “drifting” away…

This year has been about self-reflection.  It has been about learning to just let things certain things go and not sweat the small stuff.  I am a worrier by nature so this task, simple as it may be for others, has proved to be a little more difficult for me.

I worked myself up this morning after reading a few emails containing information from various aspects of my life.  I felt my heart rate accelerate, my blood pressure increase, and my head ache.  The more I thought, the more worked up I got.  The more I talked about it, the more fuel was added to my fire.  Venting did not decrease the tension in the slightest.  No, the tension was alleviated with a simple thought: Keep Calm and Remember England.

It is amazing how escaping with a memory of your favorite place can make everything better; how it can allow you to just let go.  As my thoughts drifted back to my flat in England, the angry thoughts I had had a few minutes before, subsided.

I remembered a particular day at the start of my British summer.  It was the first rain England had seen in week,s as they were experiencing an unusual dry spell that summer.  The grass was brown; the heat most oppressive.  The day the rain began started like any other.  The sun shined as I walked to class.  The air was stagnant as I read in my room, windows opened to full capacity to allow what little breeze there was, to come through.  Then, the clouds increased, the sky darkened and the rain began to fall.  The breeze picked up, as did the rain.  I leaned out the window allowing the rain to spray my face, cooling me.  Keeping the windows open, I read Shakespeare’s inspiring words.  The pitter-patter of the rain lulled me into the deepest sleep I can ever recall.  I awoke hours later, book draped across my chest, blanket drawn up to my chin, and rain splattered against the window sills.  I took a deep breath and filled my lungs with the freshest air imaginable.  I walked along the rain soaked streets, breathing in the life that this summer shower had created.  The trees bloomed fuller it seemed; the grass shone brighter.  The world had come to life again; the oppressive heat a distant memory.  I ate a local pub that evening, allowing the warmth of the liquid restore strength and vigor into my body.  I watched as the punters drifted down the river, laughter and smiles enveloping them.  I felt ready to tackle the world.

Reliving this memory reminded me that letting go is good, that bad things are always replaced by good.  When I have allowed myself to let go of the things I cannot control-people, circumstances-I feel peace of both mind and body.