This girl loves…resolutions.

Making progress on my book!

Making progress on my book!


My brother inspired this post.  He has resolved to run a half-marathon and is actually doing it.  He has  inspired to me in his effort to set and make progress toward achieving a goal.  In one of his blog posts he wrote about his difficulty in finishing projects that he starts.  I could relate wholly.

I often begin projects, run out of steam, and quit.  It’s not a quality I particularly love in myself, but it’s part of who I am.  I am a dreamer.  I imagine myself doing all of these wonderful things and set my sights so high that it’s nearly impossible to follow through.

I started a book two summers ago.  My goal was to write a story I wanted to read.  From what I’ve read about writing a book, that is the first step-write the book you want to read.  At first the writing came quickly.  I had characters, a setting, and a basic plot.  I knew where I wanted my protagonist to go as I wrote the ending before the beginning.  I find working backwards, as when solving a mathematical problem, usually works best.

After making significant progress I lost my momentum.  I used my book as a way to escape the world and last year was so wonderful that I never felt the need to escape.  This was great for my mental health but not for my writing.  This summer I found I desperately needed an escape and the writing magically came back.  I set a goal, and for most of the summer, I made progress.

School started, I moved, and the writing stopped.  I promised myself I’d come back to it on the weekends or over the holidays but a week into the winter holidays I still hadn’t started.

Until today, that is.  I woke up, knew I had nothing planned, no place to be, and no one to report to.  I stopped thinking about everything except my book.

That is when the writing came.  All of the sudden I was writing furiously, finally finding inspiration and the rest of my story.  I’m not going to lie and say that the book will be finished anytime soon, but I will say that I am off to a promising start.  I want to finish this book.

Correction…I will finish this book.

This girl loves…Sundays.



Tonight, as I was cleaning up the dinner dishes, I began reflecting about my current state of happiness.  For no reason at all, I realized how happily content I felt.  Having felt a little less than happy as of late, this current state was absolutely welcomed.

Just yesterday, I was speaking about contentedness with a friend.  We reminisced about our trip to England and the sheer happiness we felt for every second we resided in that wonderful country.  We both agreed that it shouldn’t take a trip to make us feel appreciative and reflective; that life itself should provide these experiences.

I remembered the reason I started this blog almost a year ago.  I wanted to take the time to “smell the roses” and record them.  I wanted to practice my writing.  I wanted to take notice of my life and share that with the world.  Love is a strong emotion and one I do not take lightly therefore, lately I haven’t had much inspiration to write.  I haven’t really “loved” much these days.

A shift began this weekend though.

I planned a trip to the ballet, dinner with a friend, and time with my family.  Tonight capped the weekend off with a simple dinner at my mom’s house.

Sunday dinners have always been a kind of tradition as it was usually a night where my mom would cook a bigger dinner.  Now that my brothers and I are off on our own, my mom and I have carried on with this tradition, always having dinner together on Sundays.

Sitting in her house, cozy on the couch while the smells of her cooking fills the air, my soul expands in such comfort. Tonight’s meal did not disappoint: meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans.  I remarked this evening that I could make a living just eating mashed potatoes.  There is something strangely comforting about the warmth, the soft texture, and the taste which my mom has perfected over the years.  Mashed potatoes: so simple, yet somehow so perfect.

I believe finding happiness in the everyday is a good start to being happy for life.  I hope that I can continue on this path.