This girl loves…autumn.

A seasonal change...

A seasonal change…

Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter.  The leaves change from a bright green to vibrant oranges, yellows, reds, and browns.  Smells of apple cinnamon spice waft through the air.  A crisp breeze tickles your bare arms reminding you that the harsh heat of the summer is over and cooler weather is on the way.

Last night the air smelled of autumn.  I took a deep breath and knew that this seasonal change was not just in the weather, but in my life.  I felt my worries melt away and a sense of peace take over.  I remembered what I vowed to do last year at this time: to live.  I vowed to take in each moment as I did when I traveled throughout England.  And I was doing well, that is until the summer heat set in and moving arrangements were made.

Since June, the start of summer, there has been a brick of anxiety sitting upon my chest, making it difficult to breathe at times.  At first it was the question of where I’d live then the question changed from where to how.  How would I manage all on my own?  How would I deal with the emotions of leaving my mom for the first time in 34 years?  How would I begin to make a life for myself on my own?

The answer was: start small.  Baby steps.

So I did.  Slowly I unpacked; each box emptied representing a tiny piece of that brick lifting from my chest.  A couch was delivered.  Pictures were hung.  Floors swept and mopped.  A house slowly turned into a home.

This morning, I sit in my home, I hear the sounds of the leaves rustling in the trees right outside my open door.  The breeze cools the air inside as well as out.  It is autumn and this girl loves it.

This girl loves…lazy mornings.

Lazy, early mornings are the best

Lazy, early mornings are the best

I just read an article from The Huffington Post last night entitled, “The Habits Of Supremely Happy People”.  One part that stuck with me was the part about finding pleasure in the most simple of tasks.  “A meticulously swirled ice cream cone. An boundlessly waggy dog. Happy people take the time to appreciate these easy-to-come-by pleasures. Finding meaning in the little things, and practicing gratitude for all that you do have is associated with a sense of overall gladness.”

I found this to be so, what’s the word? Simple.  I could not resist the pun.  (Bear with me, it’s been a long week.)

Since my last post over a month ago, I’ve moved and started school.  That may not seem like a whole lot to those of you that have never moved while also trying to set up a new classroom, but it is.  A whole lot.  Just take my word.  It’s quite a task.

In keeping with the rules for happiness, I am trying to find pleasure in the small things.

First of all, I have a terrific class this year.  I did not think I would be lucky enough to have yet another great class two years in a row but the education gods were with me this year.  I think they knew that I’d suffer a nervous breakdown if it had worked out otherwise.  Whatever the case may be, I am “supremely happy” with my class this year.  They are bright, well-behaved, and enthusiastic; what more could a teacher ask for?  A larger salary maybe?  Just kidding.  Well, maybe not.

In addition to my wonderful class, I have a new, beautiful new home of my own.  It is certainly not without its faults, but for the most part it is absolutely perfect.  The walls are painted a bright blue, a color that reminds me of the sky on a sunny, spring day.  (preferably on my birthday!)  So, I get to wake up each morning and enjoy a cup of tea while I admire these beautiful walls that I picked out.  Perhaps it is the fact that I picked the color and the arrangement of my furniture that pleases me so.  There is something to be said for pride of ownership.  I have had a say in every single piece of this house–the paint, the appliances, the furniture–and it feels good to be able to put my mark on my home.

It is just so nice to wake up, make myself a cup of tea, and watch the sun greet the day.  There is no one telling me I have to go somewhere, do something, or be someone.  I get to enjoy this morning, this miracle, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this girl certainly loves her lazy mornings (in her own home).  I think a second cup of tea is warranted.