This girl loves…being social.

Couldn't be more true...

Couldn’t be more true…

Oh, what a night!  I couldn’t be happier right now.  I really couldn’t.  Tonight was an eye-opening experience for me.

So, I’ve been following the matchmaker Matthew Hussey on Facebook and every other day or so he posts some affirmation about dating.  Being a single girl, I tend to pay attention when a cute, British, matchmaker tells you how to get a guy.  Tonight was no exception.

A few friends of mine invited me out for happy hour after reading my previous post about being stood up and fed up with life currently.  It wasn’t a definite plan as one friend thought she might have to work late but alas, she didn’t and plans were made to meet at the bar.

Well, before I had started to get ready I received a phone call from my loan officer.  (An offer was finally accepted on a house I had my eye on for a week.)  I was informed that my monthly payment was going to be a bit higher than I had originally anticipated so I was, of course, worried.  I called both of my parents, seeking reassurance that I was, in fact, doing the right thing in buying this house.  They were both a bit noncommittal, saying this was my decision.  They did agree on one thing, buying was much better than renting. (at least in my current situation)

After the stress of these phone conversations I decided to relax before the evenings festivities with a bath.  It helped immensely.  As I readied myself-make-up, a new outfit, hair-I decided that I wasn’t going to worry tonight.  I was going to go out, be social, and throw caution to the wind.  I mean, I had bigger fish to fry than trying to land some cute guy to date.  I was buying a house for Pete’s sake.

I pumped up the music in the car and I was ready for some fun.

When I got to the bar I wasn’t my usual shy self.  I walked around trying to locate my friends feeling completely at ease.  It helped that I was in heels.  (there’s just something empowering about heels)  When I did locate my friend I noticed a guy near her.  He was cute, if not a little on the shorter side.  I figured, like most cute guys I meet in bars, we’d banter a bit and then he’d move on to someone younger, prettier, friendlier, or you fill in the blank.  Much to my surprise, he didn’t.  In fact, he didn’t really leave my company the entire night.  We carried on talking about mutual interests most of the night.  I introduced him to friends of mine.  He talked about his life, etc…  All in all, it was one of the more successful nights I’ve had with a member of the opposite sex.

You would have to know me to understand how out of character this night was for me.  First of all, I find it difficult to joke around with guys I might possibly be attracted to.  Second of all, I get all awkward and reserved, saving my witty comebacks for the ride home. Alone.  Basically, I am never myself around men.  Whether this is in direct correlation to my marriage status, I do not know. (I tend to think it is, but that’s a story for another night.)

I can’t help but think about this exact time last year.  I was out with a guy I had completely fallen for.  I thought he was the last guy I would be dating but that obviously wasn’t the plan.   He has since left my life completely and I was very sad about this all week.  Now, I am not the type of person to think that one good night socially means that I’ll be donning a veil in the near future, but it was a boost to my ego.  For now, that’s okay because tonight I forgot all about that quiet, insecure girl that usually goes out and let the fun, interesting, witty Sara come out tonight.  I got the chance to be myself and I don’t think I am half bad, if I do say so.  Tonight, fortune certainly smiled upon me.


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