This girl loves…creating.


Oh, Will, you constantly amaze me!

William Shakespeare surely knew what he was talking about when he said, “All the world’s a stage, and all of the men and women merely players.”

Today was Wacky Wednesday in honor of Read Across America week.  Each year, we celebrate the written word and each year I am reminded of the importance of creating.  Writers create pieces for us to read.  They create a world in which we can escape.  Today, I wanted my students to do that as well.  I wanted them to create a world in which they could escape.

In his book, Wacky Wednesday, Dr. Seuss creates a world that is upside down.  Today, I created a world that was upside down.  I came in to school and taught as my alter-ego.  I explained that if I could play any part, I would play myself as a British girl.  I created a backstory similar to the backstories writers create for their characters.  It helped that Olivia is really just a married me with a British accent.

I asked my students to create a part to play for the day as well and they did not disappoint.  They created characters that played golf, football, and basketball.  They created characters that sang, danced, and acted.  They created characters who invented and explored.  The main theme here was that they “created”.  For homework, they were asked to tell their families stories using the characters they created today.  I have already heard from a few of their parents that they did, in fact, tell their stories.

I read an article a few weeks ago about the importance of theater in our lives.  What we did in class today was theater in a sense.  We created characters for ourselves and we acted as those characters.  We utilized that part of the brain that so few people use anymore, it seems.  I hope that by spending the time today to create, I have helped our future generations become thoughtful, creative problem solvers.

I think in our busy lives, we have lost a bit of our imagination, thus, losing some of that essential creativity.  Creativity lends itself to great problem solving, a quality lacking in much of our adult population.  We are so used to programs being created for us, problems being solved, books being written, but where are we creating?  What are you creating?  What mark will you leave on the world?


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